Thursday, August 12, 2010

An actual post...

Yeah it's hard to believe but I'm actually posting (typing) a new post.  With help from my DH we canned peach preserves and peach pie filling today.  He mostly just cut up the peaches but it did help believe me!  I still have some more peaches and will be making some spiced peach jam with the rest of them.  We even got some apples so I am planning on making some apple butter or apple sauce.  I think I need a bigger pantry cause it is filling up fast!  I even gave some of the items I canned away to a friend who visited us a couple of weeks ago.  I will be posting pics from his visit and other things that have been going on as well.

The funniest thing happened today.  DH was out changing the chicks water (we are doing this up to three times a day because of the heat) and of course Lucy wanted to be petted so he picked her up (I was watching out the kitchen window while I was stirring the preserves) and all of a sudden there was this gusher that came out of her...I was laughing so hard.  DH put her down in the run and turned around.  He was wet from his waist on the left side all the way down to his shoe!  He was laughing too.  He said that isnt the first time he has been pooped on.  Lucy peed on me a couple of days ago but his was definitely poop.  Too funny.  He said she was laughing when he set her down on the ground...;)

Other than that not much going on around here.

Talk to ya later!


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  1. Hilarious!!! I often wonder when I will be "christened" by getting pooped on!!! Hahaha...

    Your apple butter sounds GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!

    R Dean


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