Sunday, August 15, 2010


I canned a lot over the weekend.   I canned some peach preserves, peach pie filling, and some apple butter.  I still have some peaches which I plan on turning into spiced peach jam and some more apples left as well which I plan on making applesauce out of. 

Apple butter and peach preserves.  I'm using my new labeler to make labels for each jar.  It is great, wish I would have gotten it a long time ago.

Sideways pic of my new pressure canner.  Couldnt figure out how to turn it sorry!

The mess of pickles I made a while ago.

My lavender jelly made with MY lavender, I'm so proud of myself using my lavender and actually making jelly not sauce...Yeah Me!

Salsa - homemade - yum!

Dont know whether you can see him or not but this is a little itty bitty frog that was on our screen door one night.

There he is!

and there he is again!  He was only about an inch long.  Hope he made it through the hot weather cause I havent seen him since these pics.

And I think I'm all caught up now on my pics!  I will have to make some more of the things I have completed knitting.

Talk to ya later!



  1. Well we know where to go to eat....with all your canning and eggs....have you ever pickled any eggs.It all looks so good. Trish

  2. No I havent done any pickled eggs but if we get backed up with them I am seriously considering it. Oh the lavender jelly is heavenly. Wish I could send you some! But I will be making it again next year cause I have a feeling I'm going to eat the whole batch.

  3. I got the same pressure canner this year too, and I loooooove it. It is so nice not to have a gasket to replace. I have never had lavender jelly and wondering what that would taste like.

  4. Lavender jelly tastes like well...lavender sorta kinda. You have to steep the lavender buds in apple juice so there is that flavor in the jelly too. Next year I want to try dandelion jelly and violet jelly. I hear they are really good.

    My plan is to pressure can dried beans of course soaking them first. I saw this in one of my mags and thought what a great idea. Then when I want to make baked beans or bean soup I dont have to wait for them to soak overnight.


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