Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rained again today!

Another couple of storms went through again today.  Yesterday we had a total of 4 inches.  There was flooding in the northeastern part of the state so bad the state police blocked off roads and several families were evacuated from their homes.  We did some adjusting to the chicken coop yesterday between the raindrops.  DH cleaned the coop while I was making supper and I helped him (ran and got tools for him as he was in the coop).  We moved the fan from in front of the door to back by the window and moved the feeder from there to in front of the door.  It seems to be working pretty good so far.  This way when it rains and we close the door the food wont get wet.

For supper we had klushki (sorry not sure how to spell that).  I changed it up a bit.  Usually you just cook wide egg noodles, cook up some sausages or hotdogs, slice them up and then cook down some shredded cabbage in butter.  I cooked the cabbage in some bacon grease and added some frozen peas that I had leftover from the night before.  Threw it in the oven in my cast iron enameled pot with the lid on at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.  I really liked it with the peas in it.  They added some color.  Cant have enough green stuff you know. 

I have been trying to cook down my quartered pie pumpkins.  Who knew that it would take so long...but it smells good in the kitchen lol.

Talk to ya later!



  1. We had some of this rain but not the flooding think the lord....sounds good even if you can't spell it. Trish

  2. Denise, hope you didn't get tooooo much is really dry up here, no rain in the forecast over the next several days so Jan is watering the garden with the soaker hoses...Thanks for sharing your insight regarding chicken food..much appreciated...still waiting for our "first" egg... :-)


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