Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jack Daniels distillery museum

Here we are going into the museum.  On the right is my DH and on the left is his friend Archie.  Archie visited us for a few days.  He is in the Navy and is stationed in Mississippi.

This is part of the display.  The bottles in the middle show different strengths of the whiskey and the big barrel is what they use to age the whiskey. 

Archie and his friend Jack lol...

This is the cave which has a natural spring which is used for the distillation process.  It was almost 100 degrees the day we went to see the museum and when we started up the little walk to the cave you could just feel the cold air coming off of the water.  Jack Daniels actually bought the surrounding acreage around this spring and cave so he could have the best water for his product.  Very smart man - knew even back then about the pollution.

This is the safe that actually killed Jack.  Well sort of, he kicked it and was a diabetic and got gangrene and died.  Kinda sad.  It musta really hurt too.

This is us leaving the museum.  What you cant see is Archie's purchases!  They cant sell the whiskey except in the museum as the county is dry.  There werent a lot of pics I could take as you arent allowed to take pics of the actual whiskey making process.  It was very impressive and interesting.  The tour is free although why people would bring small children to it is beyond me but some did. 

This is on the way to our car.  I was trying to show the planters made out of whiskey barrels.  They were really pretty.  They make all their own barrels.  I really liked the tour and the history was really interesting even though me and my DH do not drink their product.  On our way there we stopped by Falls Mill so Archie could see how that worked.  I think he really enjoyed himself and DH was really happy he came to see us.

See how happy?  I had to spring this pic on them at the last minute before Archie left.  DH doesnt like his picture taken.  While Archie was here DH and he went to see about getting a gun and bought many beers and talked a lot.  Me, well I got to relax and didnt go to see about getting a gun, didnt drink any beer and talked a little lol ;)

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  1. This would be a very interesting tour! We just visited the Anhauser Busch Brewry in St. Louis and enjoyed it so much. Historical buildings and there was free beer at the end...


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