Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bad day for hubby

The day started out Ok.  We went to Tractor Supply for some chicken feed and then came home.  He made big plans today you see and wanted to get everything done on his list.  Of course he never completes the list because he always has too much on the list and never has enough time to do everything.  Then he ends up beating himself up because he didnt get his list done...sigh.  Well the truck stopped running the other day so the next thing on his list was to check the battery.  So I had to mail my Christmas package to my parents and brother out today (dont ask...no I mean really dont ask) and he said we would go to the post office and he would stop at the parts store to see if they had the right battery in stock and ask how much it would be.  Well we did go to the post office and I mailed the package out (was less than I expected but glad the rates hadnt gone up yet) and then we went over to the parts store.  They had the battery in stock.  The price really didnt matter as if he needed a battery of course we would get one.  We went back home and he pushed the truck out of the garage.  He cleaned the terminals and I started the car after he put the jumper cables on the batteries.  The truck started after a few minutes of waiting and what does he do but shut it off...sigh again ;).  Of course it wouldnt start again so off he goes to get a battery while I stay at home and do the transcription.  He took the old battery with him so they could check it.  The battery was 5 years old so he got another one.  He comes back with a battery and a battery terminal cleaner, goes out and puts the new battery in the truck and it STILL WOULDNT START...not a good day like I said.  He ended up going to Harbor Freight for a battery tester (as he had broken his today) and a battery charger.  He finally comes home and the truck STILL WOULDNT START.  It just makes this wonderful clicking noise.  Needless to say he didnt get his list done and was depressed about it all night poor baby.  Tomorrow when he comes back from work he will check all the connections and wires to make sure nothing is disconnected.  If he cant find the problem I guess we will have to have it towed to a garage and let them see if they can fix it.  It could be the starter or the alternator.  Keep your fingers crossed its just a loose wire.  Alternators are expensive.  Starters he can replace himself but not the alternator...

I had a rather good day on the flip side of today's "list".  Maybe because I didnt have a list?  Chicks gave us five eggs today and it was a beautiful sunny day what more could you ask for...well dont ask hubby that :)

Talk to ya later!



  1. Wow...sounds frustrating...I had battery issues this summer with my VW...and ended up spending a $100 for a battery...that is still sitting in my garage BECAUSE...since I charged the one that I thought was "dead" the old one (still in the car) has not given me one problem since then...hmmmm...weird...must be a German conspiracy!!! :-)

    We are also getting five eggs a day...can't wait to add some birds to grow the flock this Spring!!! You too???

  2. Are you sure it's not a pinko plot? lOL. He thinks its the starter though. We will have to get the part so he can put it on when he has time to.

    We arent adding any new ones for a while. I know some people get new ones every two years or so but my hubby is totally against killing our birds and I have to agree it would be hard. We have grown so attached to them as individuals. We live in a subdivision and dont have a lot of land so eight is enough. Hey that sounds like a good TV plot LOL. :) We may change our minds though when they arent producing enough for us. Right now we have extra to sell. We will never go back to store bought I can tell you that.


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