Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know I'm late...and have been absent from this blog for a while.  I have no excuse just being lazy I guess...

Let's see for Christmas I knitted two shawls for my mom one for summer and one for winter and I knitted a wool sweater for my dad.  I started another cardigan for me and will be casting on another pair of socks for DH. 

We will be putting in a new floor in my computer/craft room just as soon as I can clean it out to do so...sigh.

I didnt decorate much for Christmas, wasnt in the mood for much but we did have a white Christmas of about three inches of snow which was nice.  Mom and Dad got me a butter churn (too cool) so now if I can get some cream I'm all set to make butter.

The snow melted and then it rained and flooded but not near to us.  We had high winds though but the temps were in the 50s and 60s.  Now it's back down to 30s and low 40s in the daytime again.

We put out the new heated chicken waterer and it works like a charm.  We put up a new enclosure for the chicks right before the snow came and good thing too cause the old one collapsed from the snow.  Chickens dont like snow...didnt know that but they dont.

I've been spinning some yarn and when I get enough spun I'll ply it and then wash it again to set the spin and hang it to dry.  Plying was kind of freaking me out but I did it no problem.  Dont know why I was freaking out about it.

Cant believe that 2011 is here.  Where did all the time go?  My resolutions...well I really only have a few.
I want to learn more about everything.  Small resolution dont ya think? 
I want to be more tolerant of people.
I want to be more accepting of myself and not say negative things like I'm too stupid to do that (see plying above).
I want to get rid of most of this stuff that is cluttering up this house.  It's starting to really bug me.
I want to really start blogging more cause you know what an interesting life I lead (ha!)

No resolutions about losing weight.  I just want to eat healthier and get out in the open air more.

I think those are reasonable resolutions, dont you?

Talk to ya later!


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