Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hubby brings me a present

Hubby had off today and after fixing the truck (that's a whole other post) he decided to go take our recyclers to the recycle center.  When he came back he told me there was a present in the back of the truck for me.  Now I'm thinking what in the world cause he isnt a junker and doesnt usually pick up things.  Well I went out and looked in the back of the truck and there was a case of 12 wide mouth quart jars.  He said that they were sitting beside the recycling bins.  The thing was that they were still in the original packing and were brand new.  He did open the plastic to make sure that none of them were broke before bringing them home.  The only thing I saw wrong with them is that some of the bands were starting to rust.  So I got 12 new canning jars for free!  How great is that?  I figured someone was cleaning out their mom's house and decided to recycle them.  Although why they didnt even take the lids off and such is beyond me and also our recycling place doesnt take glass so maybe they thought someone could use them...The things people throw out are amazing sometimes...

Talk to ya later!



  1. Holly cow, the mother lode. I am always amazed at what gets thrown out.

  2. That is where I find some of the best stuff. I think my first couch came from one of those places.

  3. The thing about it is MDR this is a recycle place that has those big bins just for paper, plastic and cans. There isnt supposed to be any glass or other sorts of things there. I just hope that they dont close it down cause hubby said that there were bins where someone had just dumped everything and didnt sort it. I told him to look the next time he goes....maybe he'll find something else ;)

  4. Aren't you glad they wanted someone to get some use out of them. Trish


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