Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update on the flooring

On Thursday we started the flooring in the craft/computer room.  Needless to say there was a lot of stuff to be moved out of there.  Hubby just kept shaking his head and mumbling dont know why...:)  Told him not to open the closet (good thing we didnt have to do that floor in there yet).  It is a good reason to get rid of some stuff though.  I even (gasp) got rid of some yarn.   But everything needs to be looked over and either donated or sold.  We didnt get the room done but almost.  It took a lot of time to take off the baseboards, pull up the carpet, pull up the little wooden strip with nails and pound down the nails into the cement.  We have a cement slab and it was easier to pound down the nails than try to pull them up cause if you try to pull them up some of the cement usually comes with them.  Then we laid down the foam (this is for a floating floor) and then I stayed on the floor fitting the pieces while hubby went out and cut the end pieces I needed to complete each section.  It went pretty quick but we tuckered out.  Must have been all the moving out of stuff LOL.  Needless to say we were very sore the next day.  I'm still a little sore.  My upper downer is pretty sore.  Hard to sit down and even harder to stand up.  Getting old and too fat I guess for this kind of stuff.  We are planning to finish up the floor here next week when hubby has another day off and then we will have to go to Home Depot to get some half round to put with the baseboards to make it all look professional.  Will try to get pics but half my "stuff" is in other rooms and I put together my computer just last night. 

The truck still isnt working.  Hubby got a brand new battery but it wouldnt start.  He thinks its the starter.  He has put one of those on the truck before so maybe we will be getting that part and he can put it on when he has time. 

We're supposed to be getting up to 7 inches of snow and if it snows that much he probably will not be going to work.  They dont have snow plows here that I know of and usually use sand on the roads if we get dustings of snow.  It's not the snow that worries my hubby just the crazy people down here that have never driven in it.  Kinda scary.  He works at Kroger and they were so busy yesterday that he had a hard time putting out lunchmeat there were so many people in there.  Its crazy to have to run to the store immediately because of a storm coming but thats what they do.  No planning.  And the things that they buy kind of crack me up.  Its always toilet paper, milk and bread.  We lose electricity your milk will go bad (in the summer) and what they dont need something to put on the bread?  We're set unless we lose electricity but even then we'll be OK.  We have a fireplace and some fake logs.  They dont make much heat but some and if worse comes to worse we can go get a kerosene heater although hubby's sinuses cant take that smell too much.  We have the cats for heat too :)

Has everyone got their seed catalogs yet?  We have gotten so many.  Cant wait for spring!

Talk to ya later!



  1. Sounds like your floor project was a success! ALABAMA??? LOL...We've sent it South from Wisconsin so you guys have a "real" winter...I know what your husband means...even up here, the first snow fall causes people to forget how to drive...Good luck with the truck...hopefully he can fix it so he doesn't have to pay to get it fixed!

  2. The wife and I have gone through all the seed catalogs and ear marked, circled and put quantities next to each of the ones we picked out. She is even wanting to start on the fruit trees this year and I told her if we do then I want the Dwarf ones.
    Good luck with the truck and all that snow. I think it is just going to get really cold here in North Texas.
    BTW, I think someone put a comment on my blog for you. It is under the post where you told me about the female products. LOL

  3. No I haven't gotten a seed catalog...maybe cause I haven't had a garden in a while but I do want one this year.
    We are going to get the snow this weekend too..and I did need to go to the store and was in town today and didn't cause I hate to go to the grocery store...maybe by tomorrow everyone else will be threw shopping or maybe I just won't go. I'm going to order me a catalog. Take care Trish


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