Friday, January 20, 2012

Does it hurt here?....

Yep I broke down and went to the doc yesterday.  Finally after three months of dealing with my shoulder/arm I went.  He gave me a steroid shot in my bursa which if you dont know is the cushion between your shoulder and arm.  He had to pull down on my arm to get in there and today it is seriously hurting big time.  I have to go to therapy today in a few hours which will hurt just getting there as I have a stick shift.  Doc said I have a frozen shoulder.  I really hoped to avoid that.  In 2008 I had adhesive capsulitis on my left arm and went through the same thing only I could move it less but this time I kept doing my exercises so I could move my right arm and shoulder a little.  Bursitis hurts.  Doesnt matter which joint its in.  I hope that the therapist can work it out cause if they cant and it just keeps getting worse then I will have to go to a surgeon.  The surgeon will knock me out and manipulate it.  I would be out of commission for at least two weeks...sigh.

You hit 50 and its all downhill LOL.


  1. Gosh, I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. So I still have 10 more years before I start on that down hill slide.
    I hope it gets better, with out surgery.

  3. I hope so too Kristina!

    Gee MDR I thought you had at least another 20 :)


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