Sunday, January 29, 2012

It happened...

We got a freeze last night down to 28.  I havent checked the blueberries but they might be OK.  DH said that they only had little buds on them. 

Big commotion out in the coop this morning and we're up to three eggs today!  Yay!  We have golden comet chickens and they are pretty noisy (proud) when they lay an egg.  We have three laying boxes out in the coop and of course they all want to lay in the same one at the same time it seems LOL.  I take them a treat every day in the afternoon.  Today they got some spinach and grapes.  They go bananas for grapes although there are a couple that just love the spinach.  There isnt much green out there so not much to nibble upon.  I went out with DH in the early evening.  He likes to see them before they go to bed and it relaxes him after putting in a long day at work.  Lucy wouldnt go up on his shoulder while I was out there.  I think she has a thing for DH ;) 

The cats are out except for Tikki who has decided that the only time to go out is in the early morning and after dark.  He has such delicate skin and is so worried about getting sunburned LOL. 

Hope your day is going great!

Talk to ya later!


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