Friday, January 13, 2012

GM mosquitoes

Yep those darn scientists have done it again.  They are releasing GM mosquitoes in Florida.  They have had their genes modified so that they die off instead of reproducing.  The scientists are hoping that these GM ones will mate with the regular mosquitoes and it will make the population go way down.   Hmmm, do ya think that they werent really thinking here?  I know, I know that this will cut down on mosquito borne diseases but and here's a big BUT, what do you think is going to happen to all those birds and bats and such that eat mosquitoes...hmmm scientists?  Do you think that maybe you got brains but no common sense?  Just cause you can do something doesnt mean you should.  Your mommas should have slapped some sense into ya.  We'll be seeing some birds dying off big time from this fiasco just wait and see.  Maybe that's what is killing the birds now.  The experts are saying that it is mass bird suicide or trucks run into them and so on but what if it is the mosquitoes?  And who knows maybe they have other bugs they are working to become GM's and have already released them but havent told us poor fuddlebrained yokels about them because we just wouldnt understand.

I'm just shaking my head right now...

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