Saturday, January 28, 2012


We heard the first peepers last night.  Hope they dont get frost bitten cause it's supposed to freeze tonight.  Crazy frogs were jumping all over the roads last night.  Hubby was trying to miss them and actually did but you know the person behind us didnt try to avoid them. 

Our blueberries have buds on them.  Think we will have to kiss them goodbye with the frost coming tonight but hope not.

Has anyone started their seedlings yet?


  1. Peepers out already! Oh my. No seedlings started yet. Not sure I have a place to put them this year. I'm pondering a temporary cold frame for seed starts though.

  2. We are in the middle of our winter here. Today it's snowing, cold and windy.

  3. Yes I was surprised about the peepers too Leigh. Thought it was a bit early.

    Sending some warm thoughts your way Kristina ;) Sorry cant send any warm weather only 40 here today.


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