Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well that went well...

Went to therapy and they hurt me.  I expected that though so no problems.  I got diagrams of the exercises I am to do twice a day.  My shoulder actually doesnt hurt so much this evening especially after I did a second set of exercises but boy did that wear me out so off to beddy bye for me.  I know its late but I had to catch up on some of this work cause those darn fairies did not do anything while I was away today.  I'm up early in the morning to work some more (gotta pay for that therapy).

We're getting some storms blowing in tonight and tomorrow morning.  Hope everyone is not getting too much snow where you are! 

Just checked my stats.  Sure do have a lot of people from the US that read my blog along with people from Russia, France and Germany and many other countries.  It really is a small world isnt it?  I appreciate each and every one of you that read my blog.  Dont all be lurkers though, let me know what's on your mind.

Sleep Tight!

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  1. I hope your shoulder is doing ok. What happen to you. I went back to see if I had missed a post and did't fine one where you say you hurt it...maybe I didn't go back far enough. Those storms were just awful.


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