Monday, January 23, 2012

I went, I saw and I conquered...

Well not really but I did go to therapy again today.  Boy oh boy did she hurt me but I can move my shoulder better tonight.  I have to go back on Wednesday and got new exercises to do tomorrow as well.  Yippee...yuck. 

Our chickens are giving us about two eggs every other day and look like they are out of molt now.  Our friendliest one, Lucy, also known as Lucy-Goosey, has a new trick.  Hubby likes to go out and pick her up and she must like it too because if you dont pay attention to her she pecks your leg.  Anyway she was being held by said Hubby when she flapped her wings and flew up and landed on his shoulder.  She is a character.  She also has gotten up onto his head before and pecked (very lightly) his hair.  She has pecked my leg before if I dont pay attention to her too but she likes Hubby better I think LOL. 

We had severe storms last night and there is still flooding in parts around our area.  I guess the almanac was right when they said we were going to have a wet winter.  I sure wish that some of the rain would hold off until summer though cause that is when we really need it.

Talk to ya later!


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  1. How funny about Lucy. None of my chickens has ever been so interactive with us humans!

    I agree with you about saving some of this rain for next summer!


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